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ZONESUN Handheld Manual strapping tool, strap sealer and tensioner


ZONESUN Handheld Manual strapping tool, strap sealer and tensioner


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Hand strapping tool Hand strap tool manufacturer for 19mm strapping


Hand operated manual ratchet type strapping tensioner,  designed to tighten 12m to 19mm  PET and Polywoven/ Cord  
strapping around cartons, pallets, crates etc. Used with 12mm to 19mm metal clip. Recommended for heavy duty applications.


Hand strapping tool Hand strap tool manufacturer 
1) Customized is available 
2) Strong&resilient 
3) Water proof 
4) Easy work 


Warranty: One year, except for wearing parts

We are specialized in strapping machine! if you have any qustions. don’t hesitate !! contact with us 







Strap width 13~19mm
Strap thickness 0.4~0.9mm
Weight 1.4Kg



Size 6/8 strap width: 19mm;    strap thickness: 0.4~0.9mm
Size 5/8 strap width: 16mm;   strap thickness: 0.4~0.9mm
Size 1/2 strap width: 13mm;    strap thickness: 0.4~0.9mm
Weight 1.6 Kg




Polyester strap have been widely used in the package of steel, paper, lumber, tobacco, bricks, 
building materials, chemical fiber,cotton, metal products, and many other sectors.





Advantages of Polyester Strap over alternative products are


1.Split Resistance 

A small nick or cut will not propagate across the width of the strap.


2.High Tension

Our Polyester has a higher retained tension and impact reserve.


3.Environmentally Green

Our Polyester is easy to recycle and nearly impervious to weather conditions.



PET doesn’t have sharp edges, reduces personal injury risk during handling, PET rolls weigh 1/2 that of steel (minimising manual handling risks).


5.Weather Resistant 

PET doesn’t rust – no corrosion staining of strapped products!. It is virtually unaffected by weather conditions and is naturally UV resistant.


6. Recyclable

PET can be recycled!







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